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Openbox Size Hint Patch

This is an guide to remove size hints on terminal and forced aspect ratio on mpv/mplayer in OpenBox.

Step 1 ( clone OpenBox source code )

git clone https://github.com/danakj/openbox ~/openbox

go to openbox directory

cd ~/openbox

Step 2 ( patching )

Edit openbox/client.c file using your favorite editor (i use vim)

vim openbox/client.c

In this file goto Line 1742 or search for ‘PAspect’, make the following changes to the file then save and exit

-1742:  if (size.flags & PAspect) {}
+1742:  /*if (size.flags & PAspect) {

-1749:  }
+1749:  }*/

-1760:  if (size.flags & PResizeInc && size.width_inc && size.height_inc)
+1760:  /*if (size.flags & PResizeInc && size.width_inc && size.height_inc)

-1761:     SIZE_SET(self->size_inc, size.width_inc, size.height_inc);
+1761:     SIZE_SET(self->size_inc, size.width_inc, size.height_inc);*/

Step 3 ( compile and install )

Install with the following commands

./bootstrap && ./configure –prefix=/usr && make && sudo make install

Wait untill finish, then restart OpenBox or test with another session.